Watch: Handsome gentile poses as Jew to get girl in ‘Jewtopia’ trailer


If you’ve been having a hard time living in a world bereft of on-screen Jewish stereotypes now that a certain Bravo reality show is off the air, it’s your lucky day.

The “Jewtopia” trailer is here, and just like “Princesses: Long Island,” it is densely packed with caricatures of Jewish women.

Unlike “Princesses,” though, the ladies in this film adaptation of the popular off-Broadway show are not needy husband-hunters. Just the opposite! The empowered women populating “Jewtopia” are sought after by men longing to be owned by their super-bossy selves.

The movie centers on Christian (Ivan Sergei), a studly tribe outsider who has always hoped he’d end up with someone like his Jewish best friend Adam’s controlling mother (Rita Wilson) because, as Christian puts it, “I never want to make another decision as long as I live.”

When he finally meets his dream girl, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christian chokes and says his name is Avi Rosenberg. Then he gets Adam (Joel David Moore) to teach him how to be a Jew. Sorta like Cyrano de Bergerac when you think about it—big-nosed behind-the-scenes lady coach and all.

While the jokes (at least the ones we see here) are on the weak side, the cast is solid. Stars include Jon Lovitz, Wendie Malick, Tom Arnold, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Camryn Manhein.

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