Elsewhere: Irishman dons kippah, building up Hamas, Birthright success story


Kippah-clad for a day: An Irish journalist living in the Swedish city of Malmo dons a kippah and draws stares, laughter and a profanity. (The Local)

In Tel Aviv, left vs. lefter: The mayoral race in Israel’s cultural capital is bitterly dividing the city’s left-leaning activists and intellectuals. (Tablet)

Cash for concessions: The idea of releasing frozen funds to Iran in exchange for nuclear concessions is worth pursuing, writes Jeffrey Goldberg. (Bloomberg View)

Building up Hamas: The recent discovery of terror tunnels under the Israel-Gaza border shows the danger of allowing construction materials into Gaza, writes Elliott Abrams. (CFR.org)

Coming around to BDS: American supporters of Israel should stop reflexively condemning boycott, divestment and sanctions efforts and instead consider embracing such tactics to advance a two-state solution, writes Kathleen Peratis. (Daily Beast)

Birthright success story: The Birthright Israel program has brought 350,000 young Jews to Israel, and Kate Havard recounts her powerful experience as one of them. (Philanthropy)

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