Elsewhere: Chabad homecoming, Jewish ramen king, shomer Shabbos for hire


A Chabad homecoming: From Alaska to Africa, Chabad’s far-flung emissaries are making their way back to Brooklyn for their annual conference. (N.Y. Jewish Week)

Secretive but substantive: The Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations are serious and aiming for a comprehensive solution but are marred by a lack of trust, writes Gershon Baskin. (U.K. Jewish Chronicle)

Japan’s Jewish ramen king: Ivan Orkin, a Jewish Long Islander and chef, moved to Tokyo and opened ramen restaurants that quickly gained acclaim. (N.Y. Post)

Paid to pray: A man gives $1,000 to a charity for sick children and in exchange gets an ex-hasidic atheist to religiously observe a Sabbath. (Times of Israel)

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