Elsewhere: Court tackles prayer, Hamas pedagogy, missing Karachi’s Jews


Court tackles prayer: The Supreme Court is hearing a challenge to Christian prayers at city council meetings, and conservatives urge a major change to church-state doctrine. (L.A. Times)

Hamas pedagogy: The Palestinian Islamist group breaks with the Palestinian Authority’s curriculum and writes its own anti-Israel textbooks for students in Gaza. (N.Y. Times)

Home’s last survivors: A Chicago retirement home that has served Holocaust survivors since 1951 sees this group fading away. (Associated Press)

Turkey’s Israel air monopoly: Turkish airlines have monopolized travel between their country and Israel, much to the chagrin of Israeli airlines that say they have been prevented from operating in Turkey by restrictions on their security screenings. (Times of Israel)

Missing Karachi’s Jews: A Pakistani writer laments the long-ago loss of the Pakistani port city’s small but influential Jewish community. (Express Tribune of Pakistan)

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