Dustin Hoffman cast alongside Adam Sandler in ‘The Cobbler’


Adam Sandler is a Jewish comic actor with a serious streak. Dustin Hoffman’s a serious Jewish actor who can be pretty freaking funny.

Put them both together and what do you get? “The Cobbler,” a comedy starring Sandler, and now, according to The Wrap, Hoffman, too. No word on Hoffman’s role, but Sandler will play a shoe repairman who has powers that allow him to step into the lives of the people whose footwear he repairs.

Steve Buscemi also just scored a part in the film, joining already-committed Method Man and “Downtown Abbey” star Dan Stevens. Tom McCarthy, the man behind indies such as “The Station Agent”  and “The Visitor,”  is set to direct.

While that’s about all we can tell you right now — details of the plot are being kept secret — it sounds potentially Jewish, no? Maybe it’s some kind of old-world period piece? Well, Method Man probably wouldn’t fit into that equation, but perhaps Sandler is a Bukharan Jew with a storefront in Williamsburg? That could work.

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