Elsewhere: Palestinian SodaStreamers, Poland’s Jewish chic, name of the Rosenblum


Palestinian SodaStreamers oppose boycott: Workers at the West Bank seltzer-machine factory say it’s the best job option around, but lawyers and labor activists say the employees, while well paid, lack labor rights and undermine their own national aspirations. (Christian Science Monitor)

Jewish chic in Poland: Polish fashionistas are wearing Jewish entrepreneur Antonina Samecka’s designs, which feature Hebrew words and Jewish symbols. (Times of Israel)

Name of the Rosenblum: The author of a viral post last month about Ashkenazi surname origins catalogues the myriad mistakes he made. (Slate)

From Hasidic to harried: A former Kiryas Joel balabusta tries to get ahead academically and professionally, but still has two small children to worry about. (Forward)






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