Elsewhere: German youth and the Holocaust, intermarriage fears, unlikely activist


Unlikely activist: Yelena Goltsman, a 51-year-old Jewish emigre, has found herself at the forefront of international resistance to Russia’s anti-gay laws.  (Tablet)

Intermarriage fears: Yair Netanyahu has tapped in to a quintessential Jewish fear — intermarriage and assimilation. (BBC News)

How German youth learn about the Holocaust: What is it like to learn about the Holocaust as a young German? (Slate)

Separation of synagogue and state: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explores the textual origins of the separation of religion and state in Jewish tradition. (RabbiSacks.org)

50 years of “Herzog”:  On the 50th anniversary of its publication, Saul Bellow’s “Herzog” is still relevant to the American Jewish community. (National Post)

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