Hezbollah Terrorist Reportedly Killed in Israeli Airstrike in Lebanon


Hezbollah terrorist was reportedly killed in the purported Israeli airstrike in Lebanon on Monday night, Lebanese media reported.

The Hezbollah terrorist was identified as Hajji Hassan Mansour, also known as Abu Haitham, who served as a field trainer for Hezbollah. Mansour was set to be buried in his hometown of Ansar, NOW Lebanon reported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the target was a Hezbollah “missile base.”

When asked about the attack by reporters, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Our policy is clear—we will not speak about reports of what we did or didn’t do—but we do all that is necessary in order to defend our citizens.”

Israel, Germans To Cooperate On Cancer Research, Water Purification

(JNS.org) Germany and Israel signed an agreement Tuesday to expand scientific cooperation between the two countries in cancer research and to expand joint water purification projects.

Science and technology ministers for the two nations, Johanna Wanka (Germany) and Yaakov Peri (Israel), signed the agreement in Jerusalem. A 16-member delegation of ministers from Germany, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, arrived in Israel Monday.

The two ministers expressed their desire to raise the joint cancer research program’s budget from its current level of NIS 2 million ($568,000) per year.

“We have come here with almost the whole of our new government and we wanted to show you (Israel) in this way that this is indeed a very strong friendship,” Merkel said, reported the Times of Israel.