Elsewhere: Crimea’s Jewish past, traveling to Hebron, specter of the Jew


Crimea’s Jewish past: From Karaite settlements to Zionist training encampments, Crimea has a storied Jewish past all its own. (Tablet)

The specter of the Jew: A new book tackles the many iterations of “the imaginary Jew” in philosophy and political ideology. (N.Y. Review of Books)

Religion: Good for women?:  From Blu Greenberg to Renita Weems, a diverse array of responses to this old and complex question.  (Moment)

Traveling to Hebron, incognito: An Israeli citizen posing as an American describes her journey to Hebron, a conflicted city with a dual character.  (Times of Israel)

Lifeline for American solders, Israeli style: A mental health hotline that helps American veterans is modeled off an Israeli program, but takes into account cultural differences. (Forward)


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