Elsewhere: Ambitious Hasidic toy vendor, Sergey Brin the Hebrew school dropout, Jewish geography how-to’s

Brooklyn’s Wal-Mart wannabe: A Hasidic entrepreneur whose Wise Buys store specializes in frum-friendly toys like Deal Spiel and Totty Mentschees action figures dreams of expanding beyond his community. (Forward)
Sergey Brin’s code: A profile of the Soviet emigre Google founder (and his parents) reveals he dropped out of Hebrew school after three years, but Google’s early days had a decidedly Jew-y feel, with a menorah rather than a Christmas tree in the lobby and an annual company Passover seder.(Moment)
Don’t give up on rabbinical school: Responding to JTA’s “So you’ve decided to become a rabbi,” Rabbi Joel Seltzer says the profession is worth pursuing. (Haaretz)
Jewish geography tips: A blogger offers advice on where to play one of the “greater pastimes of today’s ‘culturally Jewish’ population.” (Thought Catalog)

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