Elsewhere: Ukraine’s Jews and Putin, an amputee jokes, reinventing the CJN


Ukraine’s Jews and Putin: Ukraine’s Jewish communities are more concerned about Russian aggression than pogroms.  (N.Y. Times)

Not your bubbe’s gefilte fish: No need to carp about the fuss of making the iconic dish — it’s just part of the holiday season.  (Boston Globe)

An amputee jokes: Joe Kashnow, a veteran who grew up Orthodox, is opening for Lewis Black — and doesn’t shy away from amputee jokes, having lost part of his leg in Iraq.  (Washington Post)

Jews: Don’t breakup text!: A people so attuned to sacred texts shouldn’t dump people via text message, Maya Shwayder writes. (Forward)

Reinventing the CJN: After announcing its closure, the Canadian Jewish News was saved by its readers, and is now announcing a total reboot.  (Canadian Jewish News)

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