Elsewhere: Gefilte fish shortage, Tom Lehrer’s seclusion, Kansas gunman’s past


The great gefilte fish shortage: The frigid winter froze the Great Lakes and caused whitefish supplies to plummet.  (N.Y. Times)

Kansas gunman’s hateful past: Robert Satloff interviewed Frazier Glenn Miller, the Kansas City gunman, 33 years ago. Turns out Miller was filled with hate then, too.  (Washington Post)

Passover delays death?: Scientific studies have argued since the 1980s that the death rate among Jewish men tends to decline right before Passover, only to resume after the holiday — a delay termed “the Passover effect.”  (New Republic)

WASP judges kosher cookoff: Claire Suddath describes her experience judging Manischewitz’s legendary kosher cookoff — from “faux pho” to latke-crusted chicken.  (Bloomberg Business Week)

The vanishing Tom Lehrer: The comic songwriter and performer was big in the 1950s but has spent decades hiding from the spotlight. (Buzzfeed)


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