Elsewhere: Anti-Semitism survey concerns, grading Rabbi Shmuley, retiring Ruth Wisse

Is anti-Semitism survey sound? The Anti-Defamation League’s global anti-Semitism survey is potentially misleading, writes Jesse Singal. (N.Y. Magazine)

Grading Rabbi Shmuley: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach deserves a “D+” for his essay “What Women Really Want,” writes Aliza Worthington. (Patheos)

The retiring Ruth Wisse: Yiddish scholar and conservative polemicist Ruth Wisse talks politics and literature as she gets ready to retire from Harvard.(Forward)
Cantor’s conservative challenger: Rep. Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, is facing a Tea Party-aligned primary opponent.(Washington Post)
Upsherin for girls: An anthropologist transforms the Hasidic boys’ hair-cutting rite of passage into a ritual for her three daughters. (Lilith)

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