Elsewhere: Risky hitchhiking habit, Jewish Nazi poster child, clan behind killings?


Rallying around the families: The families of the three murdered teens elevated Israel with their response to the tragedy, David Horovitz writes. (Times of Israel)

Clan behind the killings? Palestinian security forces are blaming the abduction of three Jewish teens on a Hamas-aligned clan that doesn’t always heed the terrorist group’s leaders. (Al-Monitor)

A risky hitchhiking habit: The culture of hitchhiking is a source of pride among West Bank settlers, Daniella Cheslow writes. (Tablet)

A Jewish Nazi poster child: When the Nazis chose a child to represent the idealized image of an Aryan baby, they unwittingly chose a Jew — who is now a New York academic. (Telegraph)

What happened in Lydda? Martin Kramer scrutinizes Israeli journalist Ari Shavit’s account of the 1948 killings of Arab residents of Lydda. (Mosaic)

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