Elsewhere: Jewish popularity, disproportionate death data, Yiddish shorthand anyone?


Whose body count?: Because Israel won’t publish its numbers on Gaza casualties until weeks after the operation ends, the world is forced to rely on unreliable Palestinian reports, Raphael Ahren writes. (Times of Israel)

Disproportionate death data: A series of charts illustrates the widening disparity between Israeli and Palestinian death tolls since 2000. (Vox)

Yiddish shorthand anyone?: As New York’s 65-year-old Congress for Jewish Culture closes shop, its Yiddish-fluent Episcopalian director parcels out its eclectic collection, including Yiddish typewriters and vaudeville props, to other institutions. (N.Y. Times)

Jew ranking: Judaism, the most warmly rated religion according to a recent Pew poll, did not always enjoy that status in the United States, Emma Green writes. (The Atlantic)

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