Times’ Indicting Israel


It was gratifying to read that the editor of The Jewish Week has now joined the pro-Israel watchdogs who have been all over the New York Times for its slanted coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (“New York Times’ Parallels Are Forced, And False,” July 18). It must have been an epiphany for a former defender of the Times’ Mideast coverage. His earlier belief that the newspaper’s occasional flaws were not consistent or inherent, had been disproved by CAMERA [a pro-Israel media watchdog group]; it found from July to December 2011 “a disproportionate, continuous embedded indictment of Israel that dominates views and commentary sections. Israeli views are downplayed, while Palestinian perspectives, especially criticism of Israel are amplified and even promoted.”

In the past two years, the Anti-Defamation League has sent 31 Letters to the Editor criticizing or raising questions on editorials, op-eds and articles on Palestinian-Israeli issues. Last year the paper, in the best tradition of Al Jazeera, celebrated in an obituary a woman who raised her sons to kill Jews for Hamas.

The year 2013 was particularly bad, and in the current crisis we are treated to a headline that calls Israel an aggressor and Hamas striking back! The N.Y. Times has abandoned journalistic standards of coverage to pursue a liberal cause of indicting Israel.

Yonkers, N.Y.