Elsewhere: Hijacking the black struggle, war on Israeli dissent, car crash crowing?

War on Israeli dissent: Israeli critics of Operation Protective Edge — and even those who express sympathy with Palestinians — are being demonized, Etgar Keret writes. (New Yorker)
Hijacking the black struggle: Chloe Valdary, an African-American pro-Israel activist, accuses supporters of the Palestinians of misappropriating the language of civil rights.” (Tablet)
Jewish deli, Palestinian films: A Toronto Jewish deli owner’s decision to lend support for a local Palestinian film festival is stoking controversy. (Huffington Post)
Car crash crowing?: When a formerly Hasidic woman known for her provocative photos on social media was injured in a car accident last week, some in the haredi community declared it divine retribution.(N.Y. Post)
Returning to Poland: A New York boy recently celebrated his bar mitzvah in the Polish synagogue where his grandfather would have been bar mitzvahed had his family not been driven out by the Nazis. (Fox News)

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