Elsewhere: Hamas’ hospital HQ, Virginia pol’s ulpan, understanding metzitzah b’peh


Hamas’ hospital HQ: 
One of Hamas’ main command bunkers is believed to be located under Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, but the press is shy about reporting on it. (Tablet)

Farewell to Europe?: 
Adam LeBor explores how anti-Israel sentiment, a militant Muslim population and other factors are making Europe less attractive to Jews. (Newsweek)

Virginia pol’s ulpan: 
Despite the war, the Jewish mayor of Lynchburg, Va., has been spending his vacation taking a Hebrew class in Jerusalem — and it’s giving him pro-Israel fodder to share with his constituents when he gets back. (Times of Israel)

Understanding metzitzah b’peh: 
What are the origins of a circumcision practice linked to neonatal herpes, how is New York trying to regulate it and why do so many haredi Orthodox parents subject their newborn sons to it? (Daily Beast)

Adelson’s immigration push:
Jon Ralston looks at the roots of billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s recent push for comprehensive immigration reform. (Politico)

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