Elsewhere: In-laws and Israel, Jewish grandma mayor, the new Anti-Semitism


UNRWA hurts Palestinian cause: The United Nations’ 65-year-old aid organization for Palestinians must be defunded so the Palestinian Authority can work to form a state that includes Gaza, argue two Middle East scholars. (New Republic)

The new anti-Semitism: While Europe today differs vastly from the continent in 1939, there is much for Jews to be concerned about in a vicious contemporary climate, writes scholar Deborah Lipstadt.  (N.Y. Times)

Israel’s progressive eateries: Young Israelis are engaged in a new social movement: cooperative restaurants that give all employees equal wages and grant members a say in how businesses are run.  (Tablet)

My in-laws rag on Israel: An intermarried Jew seeks advice in responding to usually thoughtful gentile in-laws who relentlessly criticize Israel. (Forward)

The Jewish Grandma mayor: Sophie Masloff, Pittsburgh’s first female (and first Jewish) mayor, served as the community’s conscience, Toby Tabachnick writes. (Jewish Chronicle)


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