Israel’s West Bank Presence Legal


It is both
 surprising and shocking that a man of Gary Rosenblatt’s stature, education and
intellectualism should have such beliefs in a widely spread canard by the
 PLO/PA entity.

Israel is neither an “occupier” nor does it have “settlements “in the 
West Bank, or formerly in Gaza (“Israel’s Land Grab,” Sept. 12).

Contrary to common belief, Israel’s legal
 foundation under international law derives not from the 1947 partition 
resolution, which was merely a non-binding recommendation, but rather from
 the San Remo Resolution of 1920, which did have the force of law. During recent times, Eugene Kontorovich of Northwestern University, an
 expert in international law, has spoken and written extensively on the
subject of the League of Nation Mandates as applicable to Palestine and modern Israel.

An understanding of international law and UN Resolutions 
manifests itself in the truth concerning the subject matters. Israel’s Levy 
Report follows closely on the work of Professor Kontorovich. Over the years, numerous historians, academics and politicians have voiced similar opinions 
on this topic, probably the most noteworthy being Professor Howard Grief. 
However, the PLO propaganda has undoubtedly demonstrated superiority over 

Ashkelon, Israel