USY Dating Decision


I must take exception to the
JTA article on United Synagogue Youth voting to allow its officers to
interdate, for two reasons
(“USY Reverses Interfaith Dating Ban,” Dec. 26).

First, the author did not quote either a United Synagogue
or USY leader opposed to this
change. From the history of this issue, there had to have been opposition.
If one had just read this article he or she would assume the decision
was unanimous. Next time, the writer should try to be less biased. 

Secondly, such a decision [moves the group] one
more step away from Jewish continuity.
Does anyone seriously believe that the
Conservative movement can oppose
intermarriage at the same time officers in its youth movement are
dating non-Jews? As this movement is
progressively unable to say no to anything, it will eventually be indistinguishable from
In addition, rather than focusing on
mere inclusion, there ought to be a movement
to build a strong core. The decision by USY
on interdating is a step in the wrong direction
on that point.

Fair Lawn, N.J.