Israel: ‘Deep disappointment’ in France’s U.N. vote on Palestine


(JTA) — Israel said it was “deeply disappointed” with France’s U.N. Security Council vote for Palestinian statehood.

Aviv Shir-On, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s deputy director for Europe, communicated Israel’s disappointment on Friday in a meeting with Patrick Maisonnave, France’s ambassador to Israel, according to news reports.

A Jordanian bid to pass a resolution on Palestinian statehood failed this week to garner the necessary nine out of 15 votes necessary for adoption. The United States promised it would veto the resolution if it crossed that threshold.

France was among the eight nations voting in favor of the resolution. In the past, European nations abstained from voting for Palestinian statehood.

Maisonnave told Shir-On that the French vote was aimed at keeping the Palestinians from joining the International Criminal Court, where they may seek war crimes charges against Israel, Haaretz reported.

The Palestinians submitted an application to join the court on Wednesday, a day after the failed U.N. vote.

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