Intellectual Dishonesty


In his column, “Fear And Loathing In The Jewish World” (March 6), Gary Rosenblatt treats Benjamin Netanyahu quite unfairly. I
believe the piece exhibits intellectual dishonesty.

Rosenblatt writes of Netanyahu’s “decision to circumvent Washington protocol and engage in a
public feud with President Obama over the Iran negotiations…” Just to set the
record straight, Netanyahu was invited by House Speaker John Boehner. The prime minister, in accepting an invitation, knew none would be forthcoming from
the White House, and he sought to possibly prevent a nuclear Holocaust upon the
Jewish people.

In terms of his decision to engage in a public feud, the only
thing I heard publicly was Netanyahu heaping lavish praise on President Obama during
his speech to Congress. 

Rosenblatt writes that another term for the prime minister could “further
alienate many, if not most, American Jews.” What is this based on? I
have never heard of a survey that says that a significant percentage of
American Jews feel alienated from Israel because of Netanyahu. 

In a final, sad piece of irony, where Rosenblatt says the prime minister can be his
own worst enemy, he laments that some opponents of the New Israel Fund are
seeking to ban it from marching in the Celebrate Israel parade. He writes: “It’s a sad statement on the anger, intolerance, distrust and
pettiness that seek to divide rather than unite.” Does Rosenblatt believe that his
unfair attacks on the prime minister of Israel serve to unite the Jewish

Please cancel my subscription to The Jewish Week, even though it is
complimentary. I doubt you will have the courage to publish my letter.

Woodmere, L.I.