Free Pass For Hate


Rockland County legislature’s majority leader, Aron Wieder, did not narrate the OJPAC (Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council) video [referred to in “Unfair Video,” Letters, April 3].

While some self-righteous Jews ignored the hate all those months and years against the Orthodox; while some in the Jewish community rushed to condemn the video, the moderator of that Facebook page did the right thing: He changed the profile and background photos; he removed the biased About section; replaced the once-hateful description; banned some users and now actively removes outright hateful comments.      

Bechol dor v’dor [in every generation] fellow Jews get the opportunity to stick up for their brethren. Some pass the test and others fail. But when hate gets a free pass, no denomination of Judaism is spared as seen during the Holocaust — that a majority of Jews to be murdered were non-observant, and certainly not charedi.

Co-Founder Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council