Kim Kardashian Gets Cropped From Charedi Jewish Website


It is irony o' clock. The most photographed woman on planet Earth has been cropped out of a picture on a charedi Jewish news site according to

Kim Kardashian, who has more paparazzi at her heels than the President has security guards, was given the old heave ho by the charedi Israeli publication, “Kikar HaShabbat.”

Kardashian was visiting Jerusalem with the fellow who happens to be the most photographed man on planet Earth, her husband, rapper husband Kanye West. The two were photographed dining at a restaurant with Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem.

The website, which posted the article on Tuesday, eliminated her twice, first by eclipsing her head with a close up of a restaurant receipt and again using a less innovative technique: blurring out her face.

The global phenomenon that is Kim Kardashian can inspire a tabloid photographer to go without food or water for several months while trapped in a litter box for the chance at a holy glimpse of her ankle, but these guys would rather look at a lunch bill.

To make matters worse, the trio was dining at a restaurant that serves non-kosher food. Next we are going to find out Kim doesn’t wear a sheitel or go to the mikvah.

Though Kim's face has been obscured, the publication was taking no chances. In the article she is not referred to by name, but by the modest moniker, “singer Kanye West’s wife."

It's actually possible that some readers of Kikar HaShabbat, unlike most other folks on the planet, might not know what that means.