Temple Mount activist may return to site, with conditions


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A Jerusalem court lifted a restraining order barring activist Yehuda Glick from visiting the Temple Mount.

Judge Miriam Kaslasi of the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday ruled that Glick could visit the holy site once a month. However, he cannot hold a smartphone or camera there, as it could “aggravate” Muslim worshippers.

The restraining order was put into effect in September after Glick was accused of pushing a Muslim woman there, breaking her arm. Glick denies the allegation.

Glick leads a group that advocates for wider Jewish access to the Temple Mount. In October he was seriously wounded in an attempted assassination at the Menachem Begin Center in Jerusalem by a Palestinian gunman. As a guide, he also leads groups of Jewish tours to the Temple Mount to earn his livelihood.

The court’s decision, Glick told Haaretz, “is far from being proportionate, both because it confers permission to ascend [to the Temple Mount] once a month to someone who was used to ascending three to four times a day. And also because it is based on the mistaken assumption that Arab violence is a result of the behavior of the Jews and not due to a terrorist initiative, as security experts have already revealed.”

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