Largest Synagogue Left Out


 I am Rabbi Elisha Weiss, rabbi of Marine Park Jewish Center (Merkaz Yisrael of Marine Park). Amy Clark wrote an article about my community without contacting our synagogue, the largest in the area, with 120 families (“Orthodox Influx Remaking Marine Park,” May 1).

The article said that about 15 years ago there were no Orthodox synagogues in the neighborhood, but the fact is that my synagogue became Orthodox in the late 1980s and there is another Orthodox shul as well.

In the future, when you want to feature our neighborhood and the growth of Orthodoxy in Marine Park, it behooves you to reach out to a representative of the largest synagogue in the area and find out what we are doing that has contributed to the growth of the neighborhood.

Merkaz Yisrael of Marine Park Brooklyn, N.Y.