Needed: New Election System


Coalition governments in Israel do not reflect voices of people (“United Government Re-emerging As Pragmatic Option,” April 10).

The party heads sit around as if they were playing poker and try to get the best cabinet posts and perks as if they were the dominant groups in Israel. This last election was a very major assertion of the right wing in Israel. This is certainly not reflected in the coalition agreement that will enable Prime Minister Netanyahu to form a government.

Sixty-one seats in the Knesset [out of 120] are not enough to make a government stable. Will we have to go through the nightmare of elections again soon? Will we have to see parties brought in that do not reflect what the country wants? Isn’t it time that we only have two or three major parties and all the special interest groups be part of those major parties?

Let us start to rethink the way our governments are formed and turn the coalition into a better reflection of a stable government.

Jerusalem, Israel