The Pope And The Palestinians


Regarding Pope Francis’ move to support Palestinian statehood (“Vatican Officially Recognizes Palestine,” online story, May 13): At a time when Jews are being brutalized and butchered from Copenhagen to
Cannes and seriously contemplating the second mass exodus from Europe in less
than a century, this punitive act against Israel by the Vatican is a clear
indication that European Jewry is being handed their hat and shown the door.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has grown openly hostile towards Israel.
Once President Obama has inked his carrot-laden, stick-deficient deal
with Iran, his next move will undoubtedly be to officially support Palestinian
statehood in the UN Security Council.

Those who would blame this onslaught of Israel bashing on Benjamin
Netanyahu’s election day rejection of a two-state solution conveniently
ignore that historically, and to this day, it has been the Palestinian
leadership who refused that plan — always favoring the destruction of Israel
over the creation of Palestine.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has nothing to do with the lack of a
Palestinian state, only the existence of the Jewish one, and recognizing a
Palestinian state before the Palestinians are willing to make peace will not
stem the violence, it will encourage more bloodshed — as did Israel’s
disengagement from Gaza.

ISIS is murdering Christians en masse, but Israel is the recipient of the
Vatican’s scorn. Iran is destabilizing the entire Middle East, but Israel is the enemy.

Regardless, these recent betrayals only serve to illustrate why a Jewish
homeland is so necessary. Only Jews can be counted on to defend Jews.