Spoiled Kids


Recent articles on problems with Modern Orthodoxy have missed the boat (“The Modern Orthodox Brain Drain, II,” May 1).

there are income issues with paying for education but it is also lifestyle as
well. Sure kids are being encouraged to be doctors and lawyers and
businessmen. The question was asked as to why we cannot be
satisfied with our daughters marrying artists.

The elitism goes beyond
this. Why not teachers? Why not nurses? Why not bank tellers? Why not
tradesmen? Why can’t the Orthodox community stop hiding behind the cost of education and
admit the truth? We are elitists in terms of lifestyle and occupation, and
the sooner we temper our desires, and educate our children about what is
important instead of spoiling the hell out of them, the better. Unless we encourage them to get part-time
jobs so they understand what earning is about, and learn to respect hard-working individuals no matter what they do, nothing will change. 

By the way, I have both an M.D. and a Ph.D., and I hauled garbage and swept
streets to pay my way through school.