Oren’s New Book


In  “No Way to Treat an Ally” (Editor’s column, June 19), Gary Rosenblatt leads us to the tip of a nasty iceberg that many suspected. But it took Israel’s former ambassador, Michael Oren, and his blockbuster new book to reveal [it]. The dirty secret was years of abuse and bullying of the soft-spoken, dignified, brilliant, centrist Oren as well as Israel’s prime minister by administration officials and Democratic supporters as well as the President himself.

But the real issue for the Oren is the existential danger to today’s six million Jews in Israel from a nuclear Iran.

Oren has done his job and Rosenblatt courageously has brought it to our attention. It is now up to each of us and our leaders to stand up against the administration’s facilitating the inexplicable, setting off a deadly Mideast nuclear arms race and funding the world’s No. 1 terrorist state — all the while trying to turn Israel into the problem.