The Israeli razor ad that will make you cry


What happens when you shave a beard that you’ve had for 14 years without alerting your family?

That’s the storyline behind a three-minute ad for Israeli pharmacy chain Super-Pharm’s line of Life M6 razor blades, which netted over 845,000 views in its first day on YouTube.

Fourty-four year old Amit (nicknamed “Mook”) predicts that shaving his beard, which his wife and kids have never seen with him without, will lead to “Five minutes of shock, bitter weeping for half an hour and then acceptance.” His prediction isn’t far off.

Super-Pharm told Adweek that it decided to take a “different approach” to its advertising to keep up with better-funded competitors, such as Gillette. The longer-than-usual ad has certainly paid off in views.

Watch the full ad below, and try to hold back the tears.

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