Clarifying On ‘Happiness’


As our community still reels in sorrow over the tragic death of Faigy Mayer (“We Tried To Be There For Her,” July 24), we face the question of lessons learned, how we can possibly construct meaning from horrific loss.

In the interest of this process of reflection, my comment in the article requires clarification. My referral to “happiness” as a lesser priority was meant to convey a concern among traditional communities that when one makes happiness an ultimate priority, one may pursue such fulfillment, wherever it may lead, even if it’s outside traditional norms.

The quest to balance the search for personal well-being with a fidelity to a traditional home community is especially hard for young people who may feel unable to live up to the expectations that accompany familial relationships. As a community, we need to support both these children and their families to create an environment both tolerant and loving.