On Jewish Self-Flagellation


It is so sad to see my fellow self-righteous Jews get all bent out of
shape when a Jewish person attacks an Arab. (“Twin Cases Of Extremism Spark Calls For Crackdown,” Aug. 7) They get on their on their
soap box and start telling us what is wrong with the State of Israel and its
leaders. How disingenuous. 
It seems that Daniel Sokatch [who heads the New Israel Fund] knows more than the Israeli police and the
Israeli attorney general; he has already convicted “Jewish
extremists” of the arson in Duma.

Never mind that there are many holes in
the case: such as the longstanding Arab clan feud in the town of Duma that
has pitted Arab against Arab, with violence often a result; or that the house
firebombed was located in the center of the sprawling village and it burnt
very quickly. This meant that the arsonists had to place many firebombs
through the house’s lattice- requiring time to do so. And despite this, the
perpetrators made it out of the village on foot and were not stopped or
detained by the locals; or that despite the massive police crackdown, no
arrests have been made specifically linked to the arson. 

Of course we do not condone violence-perpetrated either by a Jewish person
or an Arab. But why don’t liberals journalists and community leaders speak
out with the same passion when liberal Jews incite to violence? Worse, why
is there deafening silence in the face of overwhelming Arab violence against

Today we hear the phrase “black lives matter.” I ask my liberal
friends, why don’t Jewish lives matter?
To equate ideologically driven crimes by Arabs — a very common occurrence —
with fringe Jewish crimes against Arabs, is just wrong. It is morally
bankrupt. It is time to stop the self- flagellation.

Clifton, N.J.