America’s Demands Were Dropped


Your Editorial, “Fight Fair On Iran Deal” (Aug. 7) is undoubtedly right when it says that, when it comes to reviewing President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, “American lawmakers should cast their votes based on conscience, not party loyalty.”

A vote on conscience is one that is based on an honest appraisal of the facts. The facts are that this nuclear deal does not dismantle any element of Iran’s nuclear weapons infrastructure, as well as contradicting every substantive assurance President Obama previously gave on stopping Iran becoming a nuclear power.

His demand that Iran dismantle its thousands of centrifuges: dropped.

His demand that Iran shutter its plutonium facility at Arak: dropped.

His demand that Iran shutter its underground nuclear facility at Fordow: dropped.

His demand that Iran accept free, unfettered and unannounced inspections of all of its suspected nuclear facilities: dropped.

His demand that Iran fully account for the military dimensions of its past clandestine nuclear research and development programs: dropped.

His insistence that non-nuclear sanctions imposed on Iran for its role in international terrorism and abuses of human rights remain firmly in place: dropped.

National President Zionist Organization of America

is the National President of the Zionist Organization of America.