Why No Rally In D.C.?


I was quite surprised that in all the run-up to the congressional vote on the Iran agreement (which is now a done deal) there was no mass rally against the deal in Washington
D.C. (“On Iran, A ‘Third’ Option,’” Editorial, Sept. 4).

It is hard to say what effect, if any, a rally might have had, but there
is an American tradition of “voting with your feet,” and the use of public
protest to advance political agendas. Many of us attended such rallies
through the years and it certainly left the participants with the feeling
that we made a difference in the forming of public opinion.

Unfortunately, the only conclusion that I can reach (though I hope I am
wrong) is that the leadership felt that the Jewish community would not come
out in large numbers over the summer vacation. School groups were not
available and people are away, etc.

For those of us who feel the deal is an existential threat to Israel, perhaps
the Jewish public could/should have been asked to sacrifice a day at the
beach to preserve the security of Israel.