The Internet loves Hillary’s response to a question from a rabbi on CNN


During CNN’s town hall forum on Wednesday night, Hillary Rodham Clinton fielded a question from a New Hampshire rabbi with what commentators welcomed as unusual thoughtfulness.

Rabbi Jonathan Spira-Savett, who leads Temple Beth Abraham in Nashua, quoted an 18th-century Hasidic sage in asking how the Democratic candidate balances her ego and humility while running for the nation’s top office.

Clinton’s long answer, in which she described her constant struggle to stay grounded in the public eye, received glowing reviews by everyone from pundits to former advisers to CNN viewers. Here are some of the notable Twitter reactions, many of them first compiled by Jewish Insider.

Some found humor in Judaism’s appearance in a national political debate.

The Daily Beast’s executive editor Noah Shachtman faulted the rabbi, not for his words but for his fashion choices.

Clinton, who said in her answer that she regularly receives notes from rabbis, wanted to meet Rabbi Spira-Savett after the CNN forum.

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