Tel Aviv City Hall Turns Into Giant Tetris Game


Tel Aviv has dedicated a lot of time, money and effort recently to establish its reputation as Israel’s cool, young, hipster location. The latest gem of a publicity stunt by its marketing team comes straight from the childhood toy-box of every young adult. The side of the city hall facing Kikar Rabin, which is often lit up to show solidarity in the aftermath of global tragedies or for events such as Tel Aviv Pride, has been turned into a giant, fully interactive game of tetris.

The move is part of a promotional effort for the upcoming “DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival” at the end of September, and has also been timed to coincide with the new school year. The festival is billed as a celebration of “Tel Aviv as a city of innovation,” with areas open to the public, as well as cultural and social events. It will be taking place at Tel Aviv’s recently redeveloped Hatachana [The Station] complex between September 25th-29th.

For those who missed the tournament which launched the exhibit last night, the game will be returning every night for the rest of this week, and subsequently on Thursday evenings for the foreseeable future. For those who aren't fans of tetris, two other retro games, "pong" and "snake", are also available.

Video credit: Dave Shahar