Ivanka Trump gets Secret Service protection


(JTA) — Ivanka Trump, the Jewish daughter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, is now receiving Secret Service protection, according to reports.

Prior to Monday, Donald Trump’s children only received Secret Service protection when they were with their father, according to ABC News.

Ivanka Trump’s brothers, who are also active with the campaign and their father’s business, have not yet received their own Secret Service details, according to reports.

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, received her own Secret Service protection earlier this month, ABC reported.

Ivanka Trump, who converted to Judaism, has been one of her father’s most trusted advisers. She appeared with him last week at a speech in Pennsylvania in which the candidate unveiled his child care plan.

Her Secret Service code name has not been made public, though it likely begins with an “M” like her father’s, “Mogul,” and his wife Melania’s, “Muse,” according to The Washington Post.

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