Home of Jewish family in San Diego vandalized with anti-Semitic message


The home of a Jewish family in the San Diego area was vandalized and an anti-Semitic message painted on its door.

San Diego police are investigating the incident on Tuesday night as vandalism and a possible hate crime, NBC San Diego reported.

The vandal reportedly opened a package left on the doorstep, stole some items, and left the message.

The message left on the door referenced the mezuzah the family had posted on their doorpost in keeping with Jewish tradition.

The neighborhood, Carmel Valley, reportedly is one-third Jewish.

Meanwhile, Rabbi Barry Dolinger, spiritual leader of a Modern Orthodox synagogue in Providence, Rhode Island, told the Associated Press in an article available Wednesday that he was the victim of anti-Semitic taunting earlier this month.  Young men in a car pulled over and yelled “Heil Hitler,” before driving away.

The rabbi, who wears a kippa and walks about two miles to synagogue every Shabbat  it has happened to him at least five times and to someone in his congregation at least once a month. He said he has not reported the incidents to police.

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