Haim Saban, getting Hollywood star, decries Trump’s travel ban


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Haim Saban, speaking at the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, related his immigrant story and decried the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

The Israeli-American entertainment mogul, 62, posed for photos Wednesday at the newly imprinted star, which was unveiled on the eve of the latest incarnation of his Power Rangers franchise opening this week in cinemas.

“From playing bass guitar in a covers band in Israel … to my various partnerships with media companies, investment companies, governments etc. all over the world, I’ve been extremely lucky,” Saban said at the ceremony, according to AFP, the French news service. “None of it is — was — ever taken for granted. Au contraire, I count my blessings every day for a great America.”

Saban told AFP that Trump’s temporary ban on refugees and travelers from six Muslim-majority countries left him “heartbroken.”

“It’s a very saddening thing, it’s not who we are as Americans,” said Saban, who was a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in her bid for the presidency last year. “We are not that.”

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Saban jabbed at Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

“Take it from this immigrant from Israel, a proud Israeli-American, born in Egypt, a Muslim country: America is great. Not perfect, but great,” Saban said. “And we shouldn’t allow any rhetoric to make us think otherwise because America is great — period.”

Saban launched his fortune in the 1990s when he adapted a Japanese TV show for westerners, turning it into the Power Rangers.

He has been a major backer of pro-Israel causes.

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