A congressman tweeted about North Korean nukes and marijuana. It didn’t go over well.


(JTA) — On Wednesday, Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif, attended a classified briefing with Vice President Mike Pence on the North Korea nuclear threat.

By the next day, he’d become a target of Twitter snark, for a hypothetical challenge that sounded like something out of a Seth Rogen-James Franco movie.

Sherman, who comes from what he will tell you is the best-named city in the world, Sherman Oaks, California, was not reassured by his meeting with Pence. “At classified briefing @VP urged members to ‘convey the Administration’s level of resolve to confront N. Korea,'” Sherman reported Thursday on Twitter. “That resolve is weak, phony.”

And so, Sherman explained his anxieties to Pence.

“I raised two issues: No. Korea could smuggle nuke into U.S. rather than use ICBM. Could smuggle inside a bale of marijuana, and might sell nukes to Iran, which has billions of hard currency. Waiting for answers…”

Sherman got answers, stat, but not from Pence — as far as we know.

No, Twitterworld liked Sherman’s idea — lots — but also mocked the lawmaker for  what might one day be optioned as “Brad and Kumar go to the DMZ.”




By Thursday’s end, Sherman tried to explain that he didn’t really think one could smuggle a nuke into the United States packed in weed, but that he was trying to make a point. “I don’t believe that NK is likely to send a bomb in weed,” he said. “People sneak things into the U.S. every day. Can’t rely solely on missile defense.”

Too late.


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