Drawing Unfair Conclusions


In his Opinion piece “Media Hatchet Job On Chabad Is Troubling” (May 26), David Bernstein is guilty of making unsubstantiated claims and insinuations while at the same time berating others for doing the same.

When he refers to Donald Trump’s son-in-law as a “shady character,” when he labels an investigation as a “Trump scandal” — an investigation which has as of yet provided no clear evidence that would warrant that label — when innuendos permeate his narrative, he, like much of the mainstream media, is sending a deliberately biased message.

Mr. Bernstein takes offence at what he deems to be Politico’s implied message that there was an apparent “nefarious connection” drawn between Chabad, Putin and Trump — note the word “nefarious.” According to him Politico “published unfounded conspiracy theories and absurd generalizations.” The entire Chabad community, he goes on to say, was being maligned. He accuses Politico of “flimsy reporting.”

Mr. Bernstein claims that his skin crawls when he hears words like “redneck” and “white trash.” My skin crawls when I hear hypocrisy and when I am witness to a double standard. Yes, Mr. Bernstein, you are right to be offended by “unfounded conspiracy theories and absurd generalizations,” but before you point the finger at others, best take a look at yourself.

Jamaica, Queens