Conversion Is The Answer


I am deeply disappointed that The Jewish Week has become such an enthusiastic supporter of interfaith marriage.

In a recent article [posted on The Jewish Week website], JTA editor Andrew Silow-Carroll quotes a recent study by the Jewish People Policy in which the authors concluded that the Jewish engagement gap between the inmarried and intermarried is “truly enormous.” Paraphrasing the study, Silow-Carrol writes, “The inmarried are more likely to feel that being Jewish is important, to belong to a synagogue, to raise children ‘in the Jewish religion.’” In short, they found that Jewish spouses matter.

Judaism is not a racist religion. The Jewish people have traditionally embraced non-Jewish people if they choose to convert to Judaism. Our illustrious ancestor, Ruth the Moabite, made this courageous choice and became the mother of royalty, the great-grandmother of King David, whose descendant will be the Messiah himself.

If Jews and their non-Jewish partners love Judaism, they both should commit to it with a full heart and they will be welcomed by the Jewish community.

Editor’s Note: For the record, The Jewish Week reports on, but does not endorse, interfaith marriage.