Kosher bakery delivery truck used in Miami bank robbery


(JTA) — A delivery truck of a popular Miami-area kosher bakery was used in a bank robbery.

One of the six delivery trucks from the Zak the Baker kosher bakery and deli was stolen on Wednesday while the driver stopped on his delivery route, bakery owner Zak Stern told Before calling police, Stern  first called his clients who would not be getting bread that day, he said.

Before police could locate the stolen van, which is white with the word “Bakery” emblazoned in black across the side, it was used as a getaway car in a local bank robbery, according to reports. The thieves got away with an unspecified amount of cash from the TD Bank branch at 7400 SW 40th St.

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Police first had to determine whether the van used was the stolen vehicle or one of the other five vans in Stern’s fleet. Some of the other vans in the fleet were pulled over by police as they attempted to locate the right one, according to

The truck was found abandoned several hours after the robbery, and later was returned to Stern.

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