On Lies And Half-Truths


Gary Rosenblatt points out that truth is the only saving grace to this country and that President Trump should be equated with O.J. Simpson and the Palestinians for his “attacks on the truth (i.e. media)” such as “fake news” (“Truth Under The Gun,” July 28).

Perhaps Rosenblatt does not wish to admit that he is telling a half-truth to further his agenda to destroy the president and the administration. Specifically in stating our racial divide is wider, when sometimes innocent and not-so-innocent blacks are killed by police officers. Yet Rosenblatt leaves out the other half of the truth that innocent police officers are assassinated by blacks for no other reason than being police, not to mention the other murder victims, both black and white, perpetrated by blacks proportionately higher than their statistical representation in this country.

Other fake news is citing the polarization of America, with 60 percent of those polled saying that President Trump is not honest. Does Rosenblatt forget or just conveniently overlook the outright, bold lies of President Obama telling us we can keep our doctors and that our insurance costs will be significantly lower (instead of astronomically higher) in order to get his agenda passed and his legacy enshrined?

Rosenblatt states that in spite of — or because of — President Trump, America’s checks and balances are working, citing how the courts are doing their job. This is less than a half truth. The courts have acted on political beliefs, disregarding the actual laws, to try to disable the president and the Constitution which was barely stopped by the Supreme Court.

Rosenblatt’s saying that “truth binds our society” does not refer to half-truths, which frequently are actual lies.

President Trump is frequently boorish and often says downright stupid things, but we teach our children to “do as I do, not as I say.” Almost all of his actions have been beneficial to the country. We should judge him on his accomplishments, which have actually been impressive, and we should allow him to carry on the work of the government to protect all of America and allow this country to flourish.