Helping Women Decide


I cannot thank The Jewish Week enough for publishing “A Choice Fraught With Consequences” (Aug. 4) about the wonderful work of In Shifra’s Arms, which plays a very important role in the Jewish community.

Out of wedlock pregnancies are particularly difficult in the Orthodox community because of the concept of yichus (status), which is partially based on religious observance. The encouragement and moral support of other Jewish women to the Orthodox single woman in the pregnancy is vital.

In Shifra’s Arms also recognizes that women in unplanned pregnancies may need substantial material support, not just encouragement. I am delighted that it, unlike many other pregnancy support centers, has the resources to provide it.

No one can convince a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy to forgo an abortion solely by discussing the nature of the fetus, the halacha concerning abortion or the need to increase the Jewish population. We can only enable our sisters to do what in their hearts they truly want to do.