Zealotry And Ignorance


Regarding the controversy at the Center for Jewish History, the organization Jewish Voices for Peace is abhorrent to me. (“How Anti-Zionists Fueled A Far-Right Victory,” Oct. 27).

The BDS movement was founded and is run by people who are working for the destruction of the State of Israel, whether through a single state or a full eradication of the Jewish state as such. People that equivocate by saying “it is about the settlements” know full well it is not. Their zealotry is only outweighed by their ignorance of the situation in the Middle East, and they therefore use tropes like colonialism, white supremacy, racism and the like. In principle, I think they should be allowed to speak, but confronted by people with the necessary knowledge to address their slogans and ignorance.

Discussions about the problems of Israel and the Palestinians require education, background, logical thinking and perhaps a little humility, all of which are sorely lacking in members of these groups.

Middletown, N.Y