The Wall


When you’re face to face
With a with a very pressing issue
What can you say?
What should you do?

Beat yourself down?
Kick, scream and cry?
When Hashem has given you a test,
And you begin to ask why?

A wall stands before you
Barely able to see the top,
Let alone reach it,
When can you say stop?

You are then informed
That there is great reward
For someone who reaches the height
That hasn’t yet been explored

Frustrated, annoyed, beat down
“It’s so hard,” you cry
How will I do this
As you let out a large sigh

You pick yourself up begrudgingly
And you try to conquer the wall
Trying different ways
For this problem, so tall

You conclude to climb to the top
With all your strength inside
You muster up the courage
Once you finally decide

And so, you begin the trek
That starts to get smoother
You see it’s not as hard
With each and every maneuver

And once you’ve reached the top
You reap the fruits of your endeavor
You look down at the starting point
Seems like the wall goes on forever

But you have finally made it
You’ve reached the final gem
Now I pose the question,
Mi Ya’aleh Bihar Hashem?

Who will put in the hard work
And who will fail to show?
Who will be present,
Mi Yakum Bim’kom Kadsho?

When faced with a hard issue,
Will you rise to the occasion?
Or will you fall to the floor
Defeated and beaten with frustration?

Let’s rise to the ability
To answer the call
And never feel defeated
When we face our very own wall