The Fault Is Our Own


Reading the litany of complaints against Israel at the IAC (Israeli Americans Council) conference, it hit me that Israel is not primarily responsible for the widening gap with American Jews; Israel has changed very little (“Israeli Expats Seeking Community, Not Politics,” Nov. 10).

It is American Jews who are attacking Israel for not meeting our own increasing demands: to change the Kotel rules (even though progressive Jews have the Robinson’s Arch Kotel area as a place of prayer); to change the conversion rules; demands for a two-state solution; to end the “occupation” (ignoring the Oslo Agreement, which gave more than 95 percent of the land for Palestinians’ self-government); to scuttle Israeli legislation that gives the government improved tools to fight dangerous and successful delegitimizers.

Looking at the big picture, it is we American Jews who are joining Israel’s attackers, using Israel as our scapegoat.